Simple vegan lip balm

Oct 27, 2021 | Face care, Formulations, Lip balms

It is now getting colder and colder here in Lithuania, so I have started series of recipes that would be specifically formulated for this cold season. During this season when it can get up to -30 ºC my skin definitely needs different skin care products as the ones used during summer are very light and hydrating. While now I need more protection from the cold and this is achieved with products that have high amounts of oils, butters and waxes. And today we are starting with a simple vegan lip balm.

Simple vegan lip balm recipe

This lip balm recipe is super simple and requires 6 ingredients that should be easy to find. However if you like, you can always change the recipe to your liking. I will include some alternatives, that you can use in case you don’t have everything right now. However, if you change something, it means that you will get a bit different result that I got 🙂

I actually wanted to make it with shea butter as this butter has a more sticky feeling and stays longer on the skin. However, I found out that I am out of it, so I’ve decided to play a bit with mango butter and get some stickiness from castor oil (which has very very slow absorption rate on the skin).


Phase A

2.4 g | 16% Candelilla wax

3.75 g | 25% Cocoa butter

2.835g | 18.9% Mango butter

4.5 g | 30% Rice bran oil

1.5g | 10% Castor oil

Phase B

0.015 g | 0.1% Vitamin E

This makes full 2 lip balms (5g) and a bit of third.


For making this even easier – grab this simple lip balm recipe calculator! ↓ 



This is a lip balm calculator to scale down or scale up the recipe easily in grams or ounces. You will also find there the suggested alternatives and other tips!


1. Weigh all ingredients from phase A and put them in a beaker.

2. Then place this beaker in a simmering water bath to melt everything through.

3. When everything has melted (candelilla wax has the highest melting point and it takes a bit for it actually be melted) get the beaker out of a bath stir it several times.

4. Add the vitamin E from a heating phase B.

5. Stir everything again and you should see that the whole mixture gets cloudy – it is time to pour it to the lip balms tubes or any other container that you have. If you use lip balm tubes make sure to pour more of the mixture so it has a nice round top. It will disappear when the oils cool down.

6. Pop it in the freezer. Wait for 5 minutes and get them out of the freezer.

7. That’s it! You’ve just made some lip balms.


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