Oil cleanser recipe

Apr 5, 2022 | Face care, Facial washes and cleansers

I am really happy with the way this oil cleanser recipe turned out and I want to share it with you.

My latest face wash with surfactants has a good ingredient list, but my skin still feels irrirated and too dry after using it. This is why I wanted to switch to an oily cleanser and a very mild facial wash with surfactants.

Not so long ago I got a new surfactant to me. And this is a surfactant which is very well tolerated by dry skin and is very mild. Which my skin loves!

making an oil cleanser

1. new surfactant

The INCI name of this new ingredient is potassium cocoyl rice amino acids, water, coco-caprylate. It is made of these three ingredients (I don’t know the ratio of them).

The surfactant is made from coconut oil and rice amino acids and it is a sulfate-free non-ionic surfactant that is soluble in oils.

It is possible to make shower oils, make-up remover oils, bath oils – all of them turns into milk when mixed with water. However, it is possible to make water based formulations. One can make cleansing gels, make-up removing foams or exfoliating gels.


The supplier says that it should have a fine and creamy foam, however I haven‘t noticed it yet. Probably because I have used it only in low amounts.

The only problem that I have faced is that I could not find anywhere else to buy this product, only from aroma-zone.com. Which definitely is very inconvenient. If you know a supplier that also sells it – write in the comments below, it will be very appreciated.

2. Oils

I have made two versions of this oil cleanser with a bit of changes to the oils. And I will share both oil cleanser recipes with you.

As I have a combination type skin, I picked rice bran oil that feels wonderful. However, I felt that it doesn‘t have that much slip and glide that I wanted, so I have included a bit of capric/caprylic triglycerides. This addition improves the application on the face and also the product is not that thick anymore, which I really like.

I have also added a bit of mandarin essential oil to make it more refreshing when used. And this also masks a bit of surfactant scent. The scent probably is not bad, it is just bad for me, as my nose is playing tricks on me right now (all perfumes smell disgusting to me). So, don‘t be discouraged using this surfactant.

3. Oil cleanser recipes and formulas


Phase A

19 g | 95 % Rice bran oil

1 g | 5 % Potassium cocoyl rice amino acids, water, coco-caprylate

This makes 20 g of the product.


Phase A

14 g | 70 % Rice bran oil

4.08 g | 20.4 % Capric/Caprylic triglycerides

1.8 g | 9 % Potassium cocoyl rice amino acids, water, coco-caprylate

0.1 g | 0.5 % Vitamin E

0.02 g | 0.1 % Mandarin essential oil

This makes 20 g of the product.



  1. Weigh all ingredients from the recipe into a beaker.
  2. Mix everything well.
  3. Pour the oily cleanser into a bottle.


  • I haven‘t seen any other surfactant that works like this. But if you cannot get it, the best option would be polysorbate 80. You can use it at the same amount, but this ingredient is not that mild and leaves a more clean feeling on the face.
  • You can use other oils that your skin likes – safflower, sunflower, almond oil or other. Just would say use the ones that are cheaper as these oils will go down the drain. Keep your precious oils for leave on products.
  • You can use different essential/fragrance oil if you want or don‘t use it at all. But just don‘t use it more than 0.5 % as it could impact the skin in a bad way.

6. application and perception

Pour some of the cleanser into your hands, warm it up and massage it on your face. Then apply some water and wash it off.

My skin feels quite nice afterwards. It is not tight and feels refreshed. 


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