Hydrating cucumber facial mist

Jun 7, 2022 | Face care, Formulations

It is almost summer here even though it doesn‘t feel like it (May was not a warm month this time!) my skin needs some extra hydration throughout the day. So, we are making facial mist that will hydrate and calm the skin.

making a facial mist

1. Ingredients of facial mist

The whole recipe is very simple – it can be done in under 15 minutes when you have everything on hand. Facial mist is packed with humectants and skin soothing ingredients.  You always can modify the recipe to your needs and what you have on hand.

1.1. Sodium lactate

I have used sodium lactate as the main humectant here. It is a great ingredient for the skin as it significantly supports the NMF (natural moisturizing factor) and helps to hydrate the skin.


1.2. Cucumber extract

Another humectant here is cucumber extract as it is made with glycerin. This extract has vitamin B9 that stimulates growth and multiplication of the cells and vitamin C which is an excellent antioxidant.

Cucumber extract has enzymes that particularly inhibit melanin production which leads in brighter pigment spots. It is interesting that it can also act as a purifying and astringent agent (which can reduce the size of pores).

And probably as you know – cucumber extract is a great way to reduce ‘hotness’ after a sunburn and soothe the itchy skin.

1.3. Other calming ingredients

For the enhanced soothing effect I have added a bit of provitamin B5 also usually referred as panthenol.

For an even better calming and soothing effect I have added a bit of aloe vera 200x powder. It is a packed with lots of vitamins, minerals and sugars that hydrate, balance and repair the skin.

You can also find another version of this powder – 100x. It is the same aloe vera powder, just a bit less concentrated. If you are swapping 100x for 200x, use twice the amount of 100x to have the same concentration.

2. Facial mist formula and recipe

Phase A

42.35 g | 84.7 % Distilled water

3 g | 6 % Sodium lactate crystals

0.1 g | 0.2 % Aloe vera 200x powder

1 g | 2 % Provitamin B5 / panthenol

1.5 g | 3 % Cucumber extract

0.05 g | 0.1 % Chelating agent

Phase B

1.75 g | 3.5 % Versatile preservative BL

0.25 g | 0.5 % Blend 1388 Eco

This makes 50 g of the product.



  1. Weigh water, aloe vera powder and sodium lactate crystals into a beaker.
  2. Mix everything well until the solution is clear.
  3. Add the rest of the phase A ingredients.
  4. Mix everything well and check the pH. It should be at least 5.
  5. Add phase B. Check pH and if needed adjust to 5.0-5.5.
  6. Pour the facial mist into a bottle with a spray nozzle.


  • you can use glycerin or 1,3-propanediol instead of sodium lactate. Just use it at 3-4%.
  • You can use some other hydrating ingredients instead of Aloe vera powder or provitamin B5.
  • You can try another extract that will suit your skin’s needs. Make sure it is made with glycerin so it will mix with the other ingredients. If you happen to have an oil based extract – don’t use it, as we need an emulsifier to mix water and oil.
  • I don’t recommend using essential oils here, but if you want to use it up to 0.5%.
  • You can use another preservative, just make sure it is soluble in water and check the required pH. 

5. How to use a facial mist?

You can use this facial mist any time of the day when your skin needs some extra hydration. Just spray some onto your face and let it sink in. If you want to, you can use it instead of a toner.


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