Hair oil for split ends

Nov 3, 2021 | Formulations, Hair care

Today I will share with you my recipe for a very light and my best hair oil for split ends.  

For a long time I was unsatisfied with my hair color so I have changed it a lot and used various dyes, bleaches that will strip everything that was good in my hair fibers leaving them hollow and brittle. This intense change of colors had consequences – my hair did not look healthy and started splitting very badly.

And even now, when I am not dyeing my hair anymore but just forget to take more frequent hair masks they start splitting again. However, this can be easily prevented. As I don’t have much time during the day, I have formulated very dry hair oil that will prevent my hair fibers going crazy and make them look healthy and shiny. 


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Best hair Oil for split ends

4 lighweight oils

This recipe features 4 very lightweight oils that will leave your hair nicely conditioned and protected. The first ingredient is coco-caprylate or also known as coco silicone, which is derived from coconut and palm kernels. It is 100% of plant origin and does not weigh down the hair and does not build up. This ingredient helps to sheath hair fibers, smooths them and brings shine to them, so you can have healthier hair. 

Another ingredient is squalane which is actually very similar to the sebum that has been found on our skin. It is a very lightweight oil and the one that I am using is made synthetically from sugars in a ecologically green way (no need to get it from shark liver oils or from olive oil). Squalane is also very stable against heat, cold and oxidation which is perfect for making all kinds of cosmetic products.

For the nice smell and additional hair protection I have chosen to use passionfruit oil. It smells wonderful for me and I wanted to get at least a bit of scent to the final product. What is even better, this oil compensates the lack of fatty acids in the hair ends and is suitable for dry hair (which most of us have).

I have also added lightweight capric/caprylic triglycerides that are derived from coconut oil and glycerin. They also bring shine and sheath the hair fibers without the greasy feeling. This ingredient is much more affordable than coco-caprylate and is widely available which is a huge advantage.

The last ingredient is anti-oxidant vitamin E which is essential for prolonging the whole formulations shelf life, so it can be used for longer period of time. As this formulation is anhydrous, it does not need a preservative.


Phase A 

9.6 g | 32 % Coco-caprylate

6 g | 20% Squalane

7.05 g | 23.5 % Passionfruit oil

7.2 g | 24 % Capric/Caprylic triglycerides

0.015 g | 0.5% Vitamin E

This makes 30 g of the product.


1. Weigh all ingredients from phase A and put them in a beaker.

2. Stir everything thoroughly.

3. Pour everything into a bottle with a pump / spray. 

4. Label the bottle. And that is it 😉



You only need a small amount of the oil for the hair. Pour some of it into the palms of your hands and massage the oil. Then spread the oil on the hair where they need it the most. Don’t use it on the hair roots.

This lightweight oil can also be used as a facial serum oil in the end of your skin care routine.

You can always make changes to this recipe, however the end product will not be the same as I got. 


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