Hair growth oil mask

Dec 7, 2021 | Formulations, Hair care

Why the hair growth oil mask? Well…

As a fresh mother of another human being I definitely remember how my hair got into the phase of falling out. Probably most of the new moms go through this phase which is definitely scary and when it actually starts it looks like it will never stop. 

The first time it happened was very scary.  Even though I have a lot of hair it definitely bothered me to loose that much (I think that each day I brushed out at least 30 new hair strands for 2 months). So, I really wanted to have a different experience the second time. This is why I have created hair growth oil mask to take care of my hair. 

hair growth oil mask recipe

I was a bit unsure about the oily hair masks for my hair, however I really wanted to try this technique. I have started to use various oils for my hair probably since 2018 and I have seen the benefits. My hair looked shinier, got smoother and my scalp was not itching so much as before. 

Also, I find this method very simple and easy to do as I am not fond of hair masks that have to be used after shampoo and held for exactly 30 min. I usually don’t have time for this. And I hate the idea of going back to the shower/bath again to wash the hair again.


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This recipe is super simple with the ingredients that can be found almost anywhere. The main ingredient here is castor oil which is believed to increase hair growth. I am still in search of finding a good review of this, but for now I am not sure if this is actually true. However, when you look at he ingredients list of the hair products dedicated for hair growth, the first one ingredient is actually castor oil. Which is probably working in those formulations. So, we are doing the same here.  

As castor oil is very thick, slow to absorb into the skin and hard to wash out, we will use other oils. These other oils are prewtty great too and add additional properties that i want. 

Another oil is grapeseed oil which is a lightweight oil with quite fast absorbency. It is used for hair care to add strength, shine. I have also chosen coconut oil which is useful against hair damage due to protein loss during grooming process. 

Lastly, we will use olive oil for added softness, vitamins and anti-oxidants. It may also relieve itchiness from the scalp (which I have at the moment). The last ingredient that is required is vitamin E which an anti-oxidant and used to prolong the shelf life of the whole formulation. 


Phase A

15 g | 50 % Castor oil

8.85 g | 29.5 % Grapeseed oil

3 g | 18.9 % Coconut oil

3 g | 30 % Olive oil

Phase B

0.015 g | 0.5 % Vitamin E

This makes 30g of the product.



1. Weigh all ingredients from heating phase A and put them in a beaker.
2. Then place this beaker in a simmering water bath to melt everything through. Stir occasionally to ensure even heating of the oils.
3. When everything has melted get the beaker out of a bath stir it several times. Stir again so everything is mixed thoroughly. Let the mixture cool down to 45°C and add phase B ingredients.
4. Stir everything again to gain uniform mixture. Let it cool down.



  • you can substitute coconut oil to babassu oil or a liquid oil. I don’t recommend using any butters as the final product will get cloudy and not uniform. If liquid oil was used instead – no heating is required. Just combine all ingredients and you are good to use the hair mask.
  • don’t use more than 10% of coconut oil as the final product will get cloudy and not uniform.
  • Other oils can be used instead of grapeseed and olive oils. Just use lightweight oils instead.
  • You can scent this formulation by adding essential or fragrance oils. I would suggest using essential oils and keeping them at 1% maximum (replace the same amount of castor oil).

How to use this mask

The mask should be used on unwashed/dirty hair. Massage small amount of hair oil into the scalp and then spread onto the hair. Leave this mask for at least 30 min (you can leave it overnight) and wash it.

First time wash everything – the scalp and along hair lenght. The following washes should only wash the scalp (the draining shampoo will take care of the hair ends). Only small amount of shampoo should be used for the washes as using more will nulify the masks benefits. Stop washing when the hair feels clean. 



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