Vegan cupuacu lip balm recipe

Apr 19, 2022 | Face care, Formulations, Lip balms

I wanted to extend my journey with cupuacu butter which smells amazing. I love this scent and I had and idea that it would be nice to have a lip balm with it. So, here it is – cupuacu lip balm.

making a cupuacu lip balm

1. making a lip balm – core ingredents

The whole formula is very simple – we need several ingredients. A wax, cupuacu butter and an oil. I tend to use macadamia nut oil as my lips like it very much. It doesn‘t feel dry and my version of macadamia nut oil has no scent which is what I am looking for in this formulation. I want cupuacu butter scent to shine in this formulation.

1.1. Rice bran wax

For this experiment I have chosen to work with rice bran wax. It has a very high melting point, but as the summer is around the corner, it makes the whole formulation more stable. And I think this lip balm will be very nice during the hot summer months.

Due to this wax the whole heated mixture solidifies very quickly and I don‘t need to cool it quickly in the fridge.

I have made several versions of this lip balm, and I wouldn‘t go add more than 23% of the rice bran wax. Those lip balms tend to be way too hard and cannot really be applied on the lips.


1.2. Cupuacu butter

For the butter part I have tried using only cupuacu butter, but I did not like that version very much. The scent was too strong as the lip balm stays for quite a while on the lips.

Cupuacu butter

And the nose picks up that scent very well. However, if you like it, you can use only cupuacu butter. But for this reason I have used a bit of shea butter (mine is deodorized).

Shea butter add some a bit more staying power on the lips which is also neat.

If you like cupuacu butter or lip balms, here are some other formulations that you might like:

1.3. Vitamin E

Just a thing to remember, you should add vitamin E to the mixture while the beaker is still in the hot water bath.

I know that vitamin E should be added only in the cool down phase, but when this formula reaches 40°C / 104°F – it is already solid. So this is why we add it just before pouring. In this way you can disperse the antioxidant well.

2. Cupuacu lip balm recipe and formula

Phase A

2.72 g | 17 % Rice bran wax

3.2 g | 20 % Cupuacu butter

7.6 g | 47.5 % Macadamia nut oil

2.08 g | 13 % Shea butter

Phase B

0.08 g | 0.5 % Vitamin E

This makes 16 g of the product or 3 lip balm tubes (5 g).



  1. Weigh all ingredients into a beaker except for a vitamin E.
  2. Heat the beaker in a water bath until everything melts through.
  3. Add vitamin E into the beaker, while it is still in a water bath. Stir well.
  4. Get the beaker out and pour the mixture into lip balm containers.
  5. Let it cool.


  • You can use other wax instead of rice bran wax. Sunflower wax would probably be a good choice. Or a blend of candelilla and carnauba waxes.

  • You can use mango butter instead of shea butter. Other options would be kokum butter, sal butter. Or use only cupuacu butter.

  • I wouldn‘t use an alternative for a cupuacu butter as it is very unique. But cocoa butter, kokum butter would also be good options.

  • You can use another oil of your choice. I would go for a rather cheap, heat insensitive oil.

  • You can scent it even more if you like by adding essential oils or fragrance oils. Add it instead of liquid oil.


5. application and perception

Apply lip balm whenever you need. It smells wonderful and will cheer you up.

UPDATE: I actually ended up really liking the version with only cupuacu butter. When I used the one with shea butter I always felt the taste of shea butter. And I now understand that I don’t really like it. 


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