Baby cheek balm recipe

Nov 3, 2021 | Formulations

My little one has a very thin skin and as we are now 1 month away from winter – her skin definitely needs more protection from cold weather. It does not matter if we are outside for longer periods of time or just getting to the car – I can still see that her cheeks are very sensitive to cold. Therefore it is time to make baby cheek balm for winter 🙂

However, this balm can be easily be used not only for babies, but for all family members. And not just for cheeks – just rub some of it to the very dry areas of your body.

How to make your own Baby cheek balm

This recipe is quite simple, the only ingredient that is harder to find is rice bran wax. However, it can be easily be changed to carnauba or candelilla wax, however the end product will be similar, but not the same as I got. But that does not mean it will be worse – it just means it will be a bit different.

The main component of this cheek balm is mango butter. You can definitely use shea butter instead and it probably will be even better against cold during winter months. However, I wanted it to be light, a bit sticky and creamy enough to easily spread it on the face of my kid. And this balm is perfect for that. 


Phase A

13.5 g | 45 % Mango butter

0.9 g | 3 % Rice bran wax

9.45 g | 31.5 % Rice bran oil

3 g | 10 % Castor oil

Phase B

3 g | 10 % Passionfruit oil

Phase C

0.15 g | 0.5 % Vitamin E

This makes 30 g of the product.


1. Weigh all ingredients from heating phase A and put them in a beaker. Weigh phase B ingredient to a separate beaker.

2. Then place beaker with phase A ingredients in a simmering water bath to melt everything through.

3. When everything has melted (rice bran wax has the highest melting point and it takes a bit for it actually be melted) start warming up the second beaker up to 40°C (with phase B ingredients).

4. Get the first beaker out of the water bath and stir it thoroughly (it can get cloudy very soon). Add phase B and phase C ingredients to the first beaker and stir everything.

5. Stir the mixture until it gets cloudy. If it about 21-22ºC in the room, you can stir it on your counter. However, if it is hotter, I would recommend using a cold water bath to put your beaker in and then stir everything until the oil is uniform. 

6. Pour the cloudy mixture into labeled container and put in the fridge for 24h. After that it should have settled and is ready to be used.



This is a calculator which easily calculates each ingredient automatically for the wanted batch size


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